Door are probably the most integral part of our homes. They give us the assurance of safety and is our gateway our own paradise. And this is why, we all want our doors to have a character, a personality and grace to them. Skins are a great way to add this subtle panache and showcase one’s tone of the home’s environment. We at Rebecca Laminates, have been the leading manufacturers of state of the art Metal and Designer Door Skins in India since the year 2011. Our impeccable designs and irresistible finishes truly stand out to give that flare to your door.

A little bit about door skins

Skins are a new and innovative way to add a dash of style and character to the otherwise mundane doors. Instead of having a plane, uncharacteristic door, skins add a new dimension and amplify the personal of the door it adorns.

We offer both metal as well as designer skins for doors. Metal skins, as the name suggests comes in a metallic finish and is custom crafted as per your requirement of design and style. Designer skins offer a plethora of designs that one can choose from the decorate their front doors. These designs are premium and the best of the best in the market in terms of style, material, quality and finish. Our designs and finishes are among the most pristine offerings available on the market and we make it even better with a competitive pricing which is hard to resist. The laminates are widely used at homes and offices across the country.

Our highly experienced procurement and production team believes in meticulous research, innovations and designs drives our core philosophy of creating products of prime quality. We have carved a special reputation in the Door Skin market and the trust and support of our customers have helped us in maintaining the pole position over the years.